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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  September 5, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm CDT

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wetterling."a family finds answers, but closure comes decades too late. how 11-year- old jacob my -- a family fines answer bus chloe e close your comes too late. how jacob weteling changed the way america sees sex offenders. >> the pros and cons of an earlier closing times at a few corridor beaches and what cowl happen next. >> tuesday looks to be one of so far. we'll have the latest on the heat and how long it will be around after your -- in your weather first forecast. labor day was a toasty one here in eastern iowa. we reached 88 degrees for a high temperature in cedar rapids. less than 10% of our labor days get that warm here in eastern iowa. look at that dew point. it's up to 73. it's muggy out there, and that
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after a warm night of around 70, we'll be pushing 90 tomorrow afternoon. then the forecast has a chance for some thunderstorms. you can see while we're at 90, it's o only 77 in minneapolis. as that push sots toast southeast, there's a chance tomorrow night that a strong storm or two could gop develop in our northern counties. by saturday, that moves to the re of eastern now - new into the newsroom tonight, conservative icon phyllis schlafly died today, schlafly helped defeat the equal rights amendment and founded the pro-family eagle forum in the early 70's - she was still the president. she spent 70-years focusing on protecting views on the traditional family and wrote several books fighting to
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roles. schlafly died in her saint louis home surrounded by family. schlafly was 92. a minnesota family has ?some closure tonight a minnesota family has some closure tonight after their son's body was found 27 years after he went missing. 11-year-old jacob weterling was riding his bike a brother and a friend on an october night in 1989 when a masked mill the man told the other 2 boys to run as fast as he could or he would shoot them. that man, officers thought, was separate case turned up child pornography. on saturday, heinrich led officials to jacob wetterling's remains - ending years of speculation. and while his freedom since the abduction has caused grief for many - the fact that he's behind bars now is comfort to
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of the deal, heinrich will plead guilty to the child pornography and not be charged with jacob's murder. legally - a victim's family would have to approve that kind of deal - suggesting the wetterling's agreed to it so heinrich would take them to their son. as the community continues seeking closure surrounding the case - details of wetterling's disappearance have played a major role in shaping laws. 28 news reporter connor morgan joins me live live named after jacob is helping protect children.connor? connor?karen.five years after jacob wetterling's disappearance - congress enacted the jacob wetterling act - setting forth guidelines for states to establish sex offender registry programs.more than two decades later - those laws are leaving a legacy. legacy. "when i first started, there was no national sex offender registry. there was no national tracking database. the jacob wetterling act actually led to the national
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requiring all 50 states to have a sex offender registry." jacob wetterling's disappearance in 1989 grabbed hometown headlines.(natsot jacob)"my whole name is jacob wetterling. my favorite food is steak."the tight-knit >> my favorite food is steak. >> reporter: the tight-knit community of st. joseph, minnesota, where weterling called home, as reeling. back then, information about sex crimes wasn't always made available to the public, sow probably wouldn't know if a sex offender was lin neighborhood. >> we were in an infant say stage of having specialized programming. >> reporter: now 3 decades later, weterling's story has proven instrumental. >> the intention of the sexual oftener registry is to identify individuals who have been convicted of a sex crime and
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public. it's public notification for community safety. >> reporter: megan kenka and pam richner's cases led to a strengthening of the act. >> the tree cases -- the threes cases led to national database. >> it was also strengthened after the 2005 case of gage. >> when the insurancing structure changed, it was a direct correlation between that and that horrible, unfortunate event that the brenly brothers involved in. >> reporter: there are more than 80 offenses that can land app individual on the sex offender registry, a drastic
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implemented. >> i think we're going out of the infant say stage. >> reporter: as it's evolved, the end result isn't what some had hoped for. >> once you are on the registry, the assumption that our society makes is that you're all on there for the same reason, and that's just not accurate. >> reporter: tomorrow night, 2 iowa experts weigh in in my special report. they say the registry doesn't always mak the white house has canceled president obama's meeting with philippines president rod reach go duarte he was expected to talk to the president about how he handles drug offenses. obama was set to meth with the
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issue ray raising tensions. u.s. leaders are expected to talk about security concerns after north korea fired more ballistic sill cyst sills this morning, this time towards the sea of japan. officials in asia have watch the communist country in recent months as missile tests don't get more precise. japanese officials say it's a clear sign the north say serious threat. north korea's have ramification on chinese relations across the world, as china is the country's only ally. obama is also leaving the g20 summit short of a major goal, peace in syria. he hoped make a deal with russia to coordinate air strikes against isis and al- qaeda in the country. however, at the last minute, russia pulled out of the deal.
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sea. president obama says the u.s. needs russia for any progress to ma b made. president obama also said that colin kaepernick has the right to protest by sitting during the national anthem. kaepernick has caused a stir with his protest over minority oppression. he says he wants to stop violence against african- americans and will continue to sit until things change. obama kaepernick is engaged in the democratic process. >> i think he cares about some real, legitimate issues that have to be talked about. and if nothing else, what he's done is he's generated more conversation around some topics that need it be talked about. i would rather are have young people engaged in the argument
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they can be part of our democratic process than people who are just sitting on the sidelines and not paying attention at all. >> while kaepernick's stance has divided fans he's garnered support from some fellow @ lease who have joined in his protest. labor day usually marks the big push in presidential campaigns, and it's usually the day president cialt campaigns in the 2016 race get to into high gear. both candidates spent their day in ohio. while both hillary clinton and donald trump have fans in state, both have a large number of critic. many vote verse questions surrounding hillary clinton's e- mail controversy, while others question what trump's immigration plan would entail. both of them are working tirelessly in close states to ease voters' minds. the biggest up for grabs state in november could be
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state in the race so far. if states are leaning trump while 26 are likely to go to clinton. soon, apt bacterial soap the may slip off the store shelfs. the food and drug administration says they don't actually work much better than regular soaps. in 2013, the fda gave soap makers a year to prove the antibacterial chemicals help kill germs. now the fda says they're not satisfied with the that antibacterial soaps could cause long-term harm. >> i think that antibacterial soap label catches certain people, because it's antibacterial. it's got to be better, right? it's not. >> he says the chemicals can cause muscle weakness and hormonal problems in some people. ainlt bacterials that contain any 1 of 19 grypt grients not preuch safe will be banned. manufacturers do get a year to
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they'll have to pull their products from the shelves on the market. that skill that sommeliers have to he says he can detect almost any ingredient in a glass of wine... (harley carbery/ director of wine, mandalay bay resort ) dry roses, potpourri, very floral... now research shows - that keen sense of smell - has developed his braina& (nats)there's just a lot more activity there...dr. developed his brain. >> there's a lot more activity there. >> reporter: dr. sarah braining
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13 sommeliers and 13 non- brain are biggera&including she found that the sommeliers detected smells others could diseases like alzheimer's or parkinson's bodes pretty well for the sommeliersa& it suggests that they might have some degree of protection.dr. their brain are bigger we bodes very well for sommeliers. it develops some extra protection. sense of smell may be key in growing our brains to stop disease. >> definitely stopping to smell the roses a bit, tone joy life. >> reporter: harley says he'll toast to that. >> that's the best part. time to taste. >> chris march teens reporting. the participants in the study ranged from their mid 20 those their mid 60s. a young iowa girl fought cancer, beating it once, only to have it return.
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11th birthday, and it's already
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we upped the ante at culver's to create the new crispy southwest chicken sandwich. spicy pepper jack cheese and jalape?o ranch. on a lightly buttered, toasted ciabatta roll. the perfect cheese for pepper jack is going to be creamy and mild, and it's really going to tone down the spiciness of the peppers. you're going to taste the cheese first, and then you're going to get just a little bit of warmth from the peppers. it's really good. a bold new flavor and only here for a limited time. mmmhmm.
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fox 28 morning live, a vetrinarian joins us with some an in cats. and rebecca koplemen will be with us again, with just how hot this week will feel.see you tomorrow at 7. iowans by the thousands are rallying together to put a smile on a young girl's face. september 13th is ava iowans by the throws rallying to to put a smile on a
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from across the world. world.tommie clark explains why this little girl is inspiring massive love. a bondurant girl, battling a life-threatening disease, got a heart-warming surprise today. [anchor:todd](???todd???) dozens of iowans rallied together to put a smile on ava hutchinson's face... kcci's tommie clark was there and tommie what did they surprise ava with, as an early birthday present?[anchor:tommie ](???tommie???)todd and laura, september 13th is ava's 11th birthday... and she wants nothing more then some birthday, a convoy showed up at her home today to bring her more than a card or two.her family is expecting thousands of cards to come to their front door.package: jeeps sunday afternoon...all for one little girl's birthday. [duration:0:07]?0791?01, 55:18- 55:25/ ava hutchinson, cancer patient? ava hutchinson started her brain cancer battle when she was just 2 years old and beat it at the age of 4.this past july a routine scan showed her right now. it's more about what are we going to do today? how can we make the most of each day? >> reporter: a day her family plans to make the most of, her birthday, and all eva wants is some cards. >> they have funny pictures on the front, and they say kind
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>> reporter: that simple wish went viral, and now she's getting cards from around the country. >> georgia, texas, alabama, florida. >> reporter: cards are even come fraying cross the ocean as far as india and australia. to you kick off her birthday a week early, a grouch jeep drivers brought a con voif cards to her front -- a of jeeps to her front door. >> i was really excited. i couldn't stop jumping up and down. >> reporter: eeva's mom says it's a big deal for the family. >> she's our strength. a study... to figure out the next steps in her treatment. good news though - last week,
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i'm patty judge, and if you don't think washington has changed chuck grassley, try and ask him. the senate is broken. why are you leading all the obstruction? if you get your way and defund planned parenthood, where am i going to get my cancer screenings? if i'm paying more for medicine
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d that? are you even listening? i approved this message because, chuck,
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all things considered, it was an outstanding holiday week here in eastern iowa. temperatures were pretty comfortable until today. we got a good southwest wind blowing out there, and the temperatures really shot up and we hit 88 fo cedar rapids. we're at 78 here tonight. there's the dew point holding at 73 degrees. warm, muggy air is back with us. as we look at our satellite, skies are still clear in eastern iowa. i'm expecting a quiet night tonight and some sunshine tomorrow. a fewer areas could get as high as 90s. the last time we did that in
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we've come a long way since then. a little bait lathe in the year to see 90 degree temperatures, but occasionally, it does happen in september. out to the west of us, we saw those thunderstorms and clouds out there. here's he's today's highs. it did hit 90 in des moines, 92 in omaha, and where are at 88 degrees. many parts of the midwest today are very summer-like with highs in the range of 85 to degrees. our temperatures have cooled a bit, but there's a lot of moisture. 79 in tama. there's monticello with a 77. even decorah reporting in with a temperature of 77 degrees. as we go to our satellite, here's some energy approaching from the northwest. you can see some tropical
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southwest. this system will eventually bring us a round of showers and thunderstorms. up here in southeastern minnesota, a couple of widely- scattered showers are noted. those will probably increase later on tonight. i think the main show will be just to the north of our viewing area. tomorrow, some those thunderstorms will gradually go to the south. there's a chance of a strong storm night night. wednesday, that's expected to sink furth eastern iowa, and the rest of us will get a crack at some stronger storms. that one and this one combined have a chance of only some thunderstorms. there's always the threat for some locally heavy rains, and i wouldn't be sprees surprised to see that. tomorrow, look for temperatures to be around 90 degrees.
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very enoughy conditions expected in eastern iowa. on the predicter, there's fair skies lasting through the nighttime hours. then we have sunshine lasting through the day. at 6:00 in the evening here come to the front from the guest. those could streak across the area tonight. fair skies and mild conditions. tomorrow, a very warm day for this time of year. highs in the mid 80s in the mostly sun new yorkny skies, so we have no issues with thunderstorms tomorrow. on wednesday -- a little break on thursday, and a chance for rain thursday night into friday. just in time for the weekend, wet we get our skies to clear out and our temperatures to cool off. highs in the 70s. >> a great job on labor day too. >> a little holiday.
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generally marks the unofficial end of summer, but your fun doesn't have to end there. when we come back, go to a corridor town that's known as the home to a piece of art
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with school back in session, september is a great month for a weekend getaway - or a with school back in session, september is a great month for a week getway or a chance to avoid the crowds. matt hammel takes you along for
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adventure, this time to animosa. >> reporter: it's classic grant wood country. the roll, whispering hill and hazy summer sky dot bid farmfields and trees. in this photo of the american master, the old church in in the background is still here where it overlooks the river and general store. just part of the lasting inspiration in stone city. in this 125th year celebrating hi birth, people are making the pilgrimage to this native son's hometown and the grant wood art a gallery. >> we get people from abroad that come here, people from the east coast, west coast, that this is their focused stop to find out about grant wood. >> reporter: cecilia hatcher
9:29 pm
the winding road of grant wood's life. from the pride of iowa farmers horses in snow )) - and stark beauty of horses in february. but volunteer mary hildebrandt ((don't need to see her unless you have shots of her showing chair .. can just show chair )) also loves to show that rare purple piece over in the corner.??? super 1:27 - 1:34 mary hildebrandt - grant wood art gallery (( 5;01:14 probably cover first part of bite with chair shots )) " he tried his hand at alot of things .. (( see her 5:01:36 )) ... it surprises lots of people who come in here that it is a grant wood chair that he designed. " ((american gothic painting )) he famously created the painting that is perhaps only second to the mona lisa in world wide recognition.but since his sister nan - - and the family dentist posed for american gothic - ((4:47:18 pan across wall and extend into bite )) - so has everyone else. cecelia ((5:13:42)) ((could cover with betty and archie and garfield?)) " there's hardly a day that goes by that you don't see something in the paper is an american gothic parody ??? (( maybe just see her at the end of bite )) and we have a huge huge collection " (10 (( 5:19:04 cool shot of grant wood parody pics behind cage bars))there are hundreds - and no one has escaped - - ronald and >> reporter: there are hundreds, and no one has
9:30 pm
began, hillary clinton and -- hillary and bill clinton, kerr mitt and miss piggy, and so many more american gothic wannabes. >> reporter: how many people come in and want to do this? >> not too many. we need more. >> reporter: i'm not the only one. seriously? nobody comes in and wants to do this like me? >> no. you're the first one. >> reporter: as grant wood started hi art colony here, he in these gallery photos and models, a cedar rapids company came to his rescue. >> there wasn't room for him to stay in lodgings, so the harbor ice company sent over 14 or 15 ice wagons. >> reporter: and so much history in this area, the phone sometime rings with someone who's discovered a lost grant wood original. >> we found such and such in
9:31 pm
it's priceless. and i'm looking at the print right here, and it's like, well... >> reporter: a new research library does include treasures of book and articles on the iowa painter from all over the world. now gone for more years than he lived, grant wood once dade said he had to go to france to truly appreciate iowa. but cede today, admirers come from everywhere to appreciate his strokes of genius. >> to tell wood and his importance in the art world and his importance to animosa and stone city, the whole area. >> we are road tripping in grant wood country near animosa. i'm matt hamm them. >> gorgeous. a labor day tradition brings mayors of an eastern
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a string of robberies in iowa city have some wondering whether there's a connection or just cooincidence. a string of robberies in iowa city has some questioning if there's a connection or if it's coincidence. once again police are looking for a robbery suspect. this latest case began on sunday at 5 a.m. a man walked to into a mcdonald's with a handgun and demanded cash and before living. officers were not able to find the suspect. crimestopers is offering a $1,000 reward. at least 4 businesses in iowa city have been rob over the last month and half. police say first american bank and culver's on highway 1, and another mcdonald's have all been sites of armed robberies. corailville reservoir sent an illinois woman to the hospital
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sunday afternoon, a jetski driven by one man was following another when the two decided to turn - hitting eachother. 27-year-old kristin tuma was on one of the jet-skis and was hurt in the crash. she was taken to u-i-h-c for a hip injury. one of the driver's was given a ticket and the crash is under investigation. iowa leaders are considering a couple changes to keep beaches safe for families. while labor day marks the end of summer fun for many, it's also a good resource commission to look back and see how recent changes could shape futuer proposals. cbs 2 news reporter mellaney moore reports on what's on the table. some beachgoers say the holiday is about relaxation and some fun in the sun.darin hoker, marion16:26:25 we're down at lake macbride, enjoying our labor day weekend with my family.this is the first full season the beach
9:36 pm
years.mari price, cedar rapids 16:34:41 now, get off work at 5:00 and by the time you get out here, it's closed. documents from the natural resource commission show the change, as well as an agreement with local law enforcement agencies, has helped cut back on the number of arrests and citations.the changes happened at both macbride and pleasant creek state recreation area.the documents also show the early closing time isnt very popular and relying on other law enforcement isnt a reliable time isn't very popular, and relying on otherwi l enforcement isn't a reliable practice. >> if you could sit out here and have a few beverage es during the day, think that would be well worth the early closing full-time. neighbors in solon can now drink their water. the news comes after weeks of work on the city's iconic water tower - which now bosts drink their water.
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after weeks of work on the city's water tower, which now boasts a new coat of paint. a contract her return tomorrow a growing labor day tradition is helping to shine a light on better biking in cedar rapids. the linn county mayor's bike ride through downtown cedar rapids puts bike routes to the test and points out where improvements are 2 news reporter joe husinga cyclinsts and brings us what riders noticed. in recent years cedar rapids has become part a growing trend to be more bike friendly many communities are moving forward with pro biking policies that incorporate bike lanes, protected bike lanes share the road policy 11the efforts have not gone unnoticed. unnoticed. its been improving greatly especially with all the not gone unnoticed.
9:38 pm
especially weuflt painting. paint goes a long ways with a short budget. >> i think it helps bikers know that there's a certain area they should be in and that helps traffic know there will be bikes around. >> reporter: cedar raps trials and bike lanes provided safe passage for hundreds of rise riders. >> there are places where you have to watch out for safety. there are some crossings that you really do have to be pretty defensive. >> reporter: ing with being able to make the connections between the trails and make it more of a network. >> reporter: groups line the lynn county trails association work with the local government to provide safety and activity. the need continues to grow. >> think as urban living becomes more popular twhib cycling is a moved transportation that will become
9:39 pm
>> reporter: joe lusinga, fox 28 news. >> let talk to terry and find out how long this warm streak will last. looks like we have a couple of days of this. a lot of humanity in the forecast too. summer has made roadway surges here in eastern iowa. now that the heat and humanity is back in place, we have a front to the northwest of us
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everyone wants better chicken. him. her. even that guy. it's true! and that's what you get at subway with the new chicken caesar melt. rotisserie-style chicken that's raised without antibiotics. topped with a savory caesar sauce, melted provolone and parmesan cheese for a taste that's deliciously unique. it's exactly what you, him, her, ...and those guys all asked for. the new chicken caesar melt from subway. le. normal high temperatures this time of career are back in the upper 70s in eastern iowa.
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would think it might be july or early august. but dewe did -- but we did go up to 88 in cedar rapids, 90 in delaware and omaha. think there's a decent chance tomorrow that some of these 90 less get in our southern counties. that will be the first time since july 2521 that we will have a 90 degree temperature. as we duoto the current temperatures, we find a lo -- we f the 70 those 80 degrees. a lot of places up north around 77. 79 in tma and iowa city -- and iowa city has 78 degrees. with dew points in the 70s, plenty of moisture on sawnny night.
9:43 pm
also some moisture coming in from the south. that will deep keep dew points well into the 70s on wednesday. there is the possibility of several storms. that's where the active shower and thunderstorms will be. by morning, it should be more there is a possibility of a strong storm developing in northeastern and northwestern iowa. by the time we get to wednesday, there is some strong storms in eastern iowa. another one comes quickly by
9:44 pm
tomorrow in advance of brain lot of sunshine, temperatures up around 90 degrees, dew points will be back in the 70s, another very stuffy day is expected, and our predictor indicates stay to the west of us. as we get tomorrow morning with plenty of sunshine, we get it town about 90 degrees. by across the area tomorrow night. your forecast. overnight tonight, low temperatures will be very mild for this time of year. skies generally fair, winds out of the south. for tomorrow, we're back to opener 80s to near 90 in our southern counties. we'll have a brisk wind out of the sow at 15 to 25. mow now your extended forecast, thunderstorm developing tomorrow night.
9:45 pm
wednesday too. about 86 then. thursday, we get a bit of a break. another system comes through thursday night into friday. it all appears to be clearing out for the week. there will be some sun shine and comfortable temperatures. >> what a gorgeous-looking week. >> just get goth goat through late rain. in the meantime, pat will be focusing on college football. >> big week for college football. in ames, matte campbell and the cyclones are turning the page, talking
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
in 20-14 - after a week one loss to u-n-i - i0wa state in 2014 after a week 1 loss to uni, iowa state turned around and upset the rival hawkeyes at qinics stadium. this weekend, they hope to do it again. it's cy- >> reporter: it wasn't the start to the matt campbell era the cyclone were hoping for. >> we left a lot of plays on the people think we had like 105 yards called back. >> reporter: but week 1 is in the past. >> i don't think we have to use it as necessarily motivation. i just think we need to learn from our experiences. >> there's some great moments, there's some tough moment. we learn, we grow, and we move on. >> reporter: and what they're moving on to is another rivalry game, the big one the one that
9:49 pm
have yet to truly be a part of. >> i've never played in the game but been part of it. i haven't heard anyone talking about if they're scared or nervous. >> reporter: because rebuilding or not, the cyclone aren't avoiding topic. >> it's something we've talked about from the day that i've gotten here. do you talk about that with your kids? you absolutely do. game.."be prepared to get hit in the mouth. iowa will come. and they will play as hard as they can."it's about that "live and learn" learn""w like we are every single week so we just gotta go out there and fix our mistakes"and anythi. anything..."it's all about who shows up that week"can happen. in ames, mia o'brien, cbs 2 sports in hawkeye news - anthony nelson was a disruptive force in his first college football game - and the big ten took notice - nelson was named the conference player of the week today - after finishing with two-and-a-half sacks and two forced fumbles on saturday - both turnovers led to iowa
9:50 pm
when u-n-i beat an f-b-s team on saturday - they put the rest of the f-c-s - on high alert - the panthers are title contenders... and this week's rankings reflect that - the panthers moved up in monday's polls - from number-three to number-five - conference rival north dakota state is still steady at number one - and u-n-i's opponent this saturday - montana - is ranked 14th... the kernels will start their playoff run on wednesday - but after yesterday's loss - jake mauer's team was slumping - dropping four of five as the regular season winds down - thankfully - the good vibes returned on monday... it's the regular season finale at veterans memorial stadium... fourth inning - tied at one - and zander wiel - blasts off - a towering shot - all the way out of the park - and it lands on the street - wiel also hit a grand slam in the 7th - he finished with 19 dingers on the season... later in the fourth - jaylin davis at the plate - and he goes deep - oppo taco off the q-dogs barbecue sign in right
9:51 pm
rapids... and five kernels pitchers kept the lumber kings at bay - sean poppen blows it past gus craig to end the sixth... kernels end the regular season with a 12 to 2 win... to the bigs - the twins and the royals... brian dozier is scorching hot - and that continued on labor day - first inning - first pitch - crushed - a good start for the twins - it's 1-nothing...but dozier was far from done - in the third - he does it again - this one is higher - dozier also homered in the eighth - he now has 38 on the year.. but it was the royals that won the game - eric hosmer put it out of reach with this missile - a three-run jack that lands in the bullpen... royals rip past the twins, 11-5... eric kozemer put it out of reach with this missile. after saturday's big trade, sam bradford is practicing with the vikings, but he may not start week 1. on monday, mike zimmer said he doesn't know if it will be bradford or sean
9:52 pm
getting ready. >> it's bait of an adjustment. it's just the personnel and trying to figure out how to throw to different guys. >> that's a check of sport.
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9:54 pm
i'm patty judge, and we know chuck grassley stopped the senate from working, but he also stopped working for iowa. as a farmer and a nurse, i learned iowa works best when we pull together. used to be you could work with chuck. i did, plenty of times. but he's all politics and partisanship now. and he's turned his back on iowa. i approved this message because washington changed chuck, and it's time we change our senator.
9:55 pm
passengers landing in chicago were "very very quiet" after hearing an unexpected pageantsers landing in chicago were very, very quiet after hearing an unexpect announcement from their flying attendant. >> be very, very quiet. we have reached your destination. what's up, docs? this is bugs bunny here. on behalf of this flying crew, me and welcome you to chicago, the windy city. and any childrens -- and any children, husbands, or sports teams you are veup supervising, rhyme them to -- >> the that flight attendant did perfect impressions of the
9:56 pm
side talent. as well as keeping your family safe in the air, he's also a talented puppeteer. can we hear some more? >> car rentals, hotels, vacation packages, and tweety bird sandwiches. >> thank you for that, morgan, our producer, and technical crew, for letting us hear more of that. i didn't want to talk over him. people that are good at that are really good at that. >> a minute or two of that is okay. but after a how long that continues. >> you want to get off the plane. let's get down quick. >> it will be an easy flight tomorrow if you're flying out of an eastern iowa airport, because not a lot is happening. >> i don't think see any is until tomorrow night at the earliest. tomorrow'stemperatures, that is an issue. 90 degrees at this time of year is bay way above the normal, which tomorrow, is 78. very warm and humid conditions. summer has returned.
9:57 pm
eventually. >> -- we'll cool down
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woman: charlie, honey, wake up. good morning. you lime, chared to lie. you said it was just going to bthe two of ue s. i didn't lie, berta. things change. good-bye, charlie. don't leave me, berta. i love you. can't we talk about this? sorry. i do single men only. i'm in, i'm out. there are no complications. but i am single. alan: uh, berta, i hate to bring this up again, but you just... you cannot put the peanut butter in the refrigerator. it gets hard. and, uh, and on a related sjectub-- the peanut butter stains on jake's shirts really require an enzyme presoak.


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